Enthusiasm is as contagious as a virus

My great aunt Marlene always told me that “enthusiasm is as contagious as a virus”. She would tell me this before job interviews, and other new life starts, complimenting me about how I knew how to “light up a room”. And in every situation that I’ve tested it, that advice has always proven to hold true.

The irony is, I realize now that I never fully internalized what “contagious as a virus” really meant. Growing up, I learned the basics, like covering your mouth when you sneeze to avoid the spread of germs… and I’ve taken my fair share of sick days over the years, having caught contagious viruses over the years. But now with the outbreak of the global pandemic COVID-19 coronavirus, the world (and I) are learning just how contagious some viruses can be, and I’m re-learning just how powerful enthusiasm can be.