The slow path & the fast path

“We have a slow path & a fast path.”

Tomer Cohen, VP Product at LinkedIn

I heard and liked the above heuristic because it sounds like a really actionable way to prioritize.

Tomer spoke about driving both a “slow path” and a “fast path” in parallel, and brought this up in the context of product development. In addition to product prioritization, I would apply this to marketing, investing, and other areas.

The slow path is dedicated to the future.

  • Staying very focused around what we’re trying to build.
  • Constantly asking, “are you actually building the right things?”
  • The “architects” on your team should be the ones working on the slow path.
  • “Slow” doesn’t mean forever; it means taking your time to do it right.

The fast path is showing immediate value.

  • While working on your big vision, what can you do now to show that your hypothesis is starting to pan out?
  • Showing value next week or next month.
  • Taking steps towards filling out your bigger vision.

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